Client Testimonials

“Jeff is very professional, straightforward, and just a good person to work with. He communicates well, and is very expedient with follow-up—and respectful of our space and staff. I like that he has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau, because we really need to trust someone who comes into our space regularly.”

Marie O’Brien
Grace Lutheran Church of Evanston

“I hired Jeff/Surefire because he was responsive, professional, competitively priced and his follow-up is impeccable. I highly recommend him.”

Hank Kiely
Granville Condo Association/Norway House Condo Association

“We have a checklist that our corporate office requires for our building. Jeff doesn’t just check things off the list; he walks us through everything, and then fills out the checklist exactly the way we require and turns it in promptly. That takes a lot of time and effort off of our plate. Plus he’s accessible and easy to get answers from when we have other concerns. He’s really professional.”

Kristine Lopez

“Jeff started out at our Wicker Park location, and now we use him for all three of our locations. Now all of our services are on the same schedule, which is more efficient—and we don’t have to wonder if we’re up to date because Jeff helps us stay on top of it. Also, as a jeweler, we’ve got to trust someone who’s going to be around our inventory, and Jeff is that kind of guy: reliable, trustworthy, professional. We definitely would recommend him to other businesses.”

Lauren Trost
Steve Quick Jeweler

With six buildings and 679 units spread over six acres of property, we take our life safety systems very seriously, and we're careful about who we contract with for our fire protection services. With Surefire Protection, we're confident the work is done properly, the billing is very clear—we know exactly what's been done and what we're paying for, which when you have 100-something fire extinguishers to maintain is very important. Jeff always goes the extra mile for us.

John Mahoney, Property Manager
Community Specialists
South Commons Condo Association

Jeff is very forward-thinking. He doesn't just do what's right in front of him; he advises us about what's coming down the line. He advises us as though it was his own place, which means a great deal. Plus he's congenial, prompt, thorough and capable.

Gary N.,
Temple President

Because our oral surgery practice often has patients in the office during the hours that Jeff provides service, his level of professionalism is extremely valuable. When he's here, you don't even know he's here. Plus, I like that he's very responsive when we call—he's very accessible, and that connection is really important.

Bajla Nishibayashi, Office Manager
Hochstadter, Isaacson, Chemy, Dumanis & Associates

We've been working with Surefire Protection for a number of years, and they're a fine company. We see Jeff once a year for regular maintenance and we're always happy with his work.

Alice Leahy, Property Manager
Community Specialists
555 Cornelia Condo Association

Working one-on-one with Jeff means we get very personal service—we don't get lost in the shuffle like you can with a bigger company. Most of our work is annual maintenance so it would be easy to forget to schedule, but he always reminds us when we need to have work done. It's great to not have to worry about that.

Lea Relias, Property Manager
Community Specialists
Commonwealth Plaza Condo Association